Customized to your business

At Vision Sign & Design, we design, produce, permit, and install custom LED illuminated channel letters for your business or commercial use. We specialize in channel letters of all types and manufacture channel letter signs for clients of all sizes and budgets. Browse our channel letter products or request a quote for your custom LED channel letter sign today!

Channel Letter Benefits

  • Are Almost Maintenance-Free And May Last Up To 10 Years
  • A Broader Viewing Angle Which Allows A Larger Area Of The Letter Face To Be Brightly Illuminated
  • Are More Durable Than Neon And Have No Dangerous Gas
  • Are Bright And Can Be Seen From Farther Distances
  • Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Read  So Many Cities And Municipalities Are More Likely To Issue A Sign Permit
  • Can Be Customized by Size, Shape, Color, Font, and Illumination
  • Easily Brand Your Business Name and Colors

Customizing Channel Letters

  1. Faces: Channel letters have a front acrylic face that come in red, white, ivory, green or blue. If these colors don’t match your brand or preferences than we can use 3M vinyl color selection to guarantee the longevity of your sign face.
  2. Trim Cap: The trim cap is the first thing that connects to the sign face and can also compliment the front of your sign. There are 20 different colors to choose from to help your sign stand out from other businesses.
  3. Returns: The return of a channel letter consists of the aluminum sides of your letter. The returns are the sides of your letter and are what gives your letter its depth, and also provides a space for the LED’s contained within the channel letter to spread lights inside. There are 18 different colors we can use to create your returns on your channel letters.
  4. Lighting: There are many differnt ways your channel letter sign can light up. The options are reverse, front lit, front & back, open face where the lighting is exposed.
  5. Fonts: Choosing the right font can speak volumes to your brand. With thousands of fonts to choose from some of the most common fonts are Helvetica, Futura, Arial, Times New Roman, Garamond, Bodoni, Franklin Gothic.
  6. Mounting: The channel letters can be mounted using a backer plate, raceway, pole, cabinet, bracket, and more.

With endless possibilities for your channel letter sign let Vision Sign & Design help you find the best solution for your business. We can design and install your sign to ensure durability, safety, and that the final product represents your brand.

Installing Channel Letters

Once your channel letters have been permitted and manufactured by our skilled technicians, we can coordinate your sign installation. There are different ways to mount channel letters. One way is the flush mount where the letters are attached directly to the wall of the building. Electrical and power components are installed behind the wall or building facade. Another way is the raceway option where the letters are attached to a metal box aka raceway. A third option is the backer mount which is a good option to achieve the flush mount look without drilling many holes into the building. Our sign installers at Vision Sign & Design can help you determine the best option for your sign and make sure it is done professionally and to the highest safety standards.