New monument sign for industrial area in Minooka

Watchfire digital message center and new box sign at first federal bank

Digital message center and pole sign in Shorewood bank

     Why Use Freestanding Signs?

Compared to other forms of advertising, freestanding signs have a low cost per impression. For a modest, one-time investment, you can have a sign that reflects your brand and is a strong, physical focal point for any brand.

  Establishing effective signage away from the building is crucial if your business is in a less-than-ideal area.

A freestanding sign allows businesses to attract customers to businesses located some distance from the road or major highway. This engaging and cost-effective strategy will bring in more customers and business to any brand.

Signs designed to stand alone can be left up for a long and will still effectively promote your business. After installation, they hardly need any upkeep.

 Customers will also appreciate the use of freestanding signs throughout your establishment. Such signs are common in institutional settings like hospitals.

Businesses can also illuminate freestanding signs from below (or above) to increase visibility at night.